Thursday, June 14, 2007

Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua Mowll

The sequel to Operation Red Jericho, the story picks up right where it leaves off. School Library Journal gives a good briefing saying, "Becca and her brother, Doug, have escaped Wenzi Island, but find themselves right back in the action. Their ship is struck by a powerful typhoon and is driven ashore on a group of islands. There the two teens; their uncle, Captain MacKenzie; and his brave crew find themselves once again facing their nemesis, Pembleton-Crozier, and his army of Kalaxx warriors. It takes all of their ingenuity, bravery, and wit to figure out his intent and why the islands are so very important to these enemies of the Guild of Specialists."

Beware however if you have not read the first book!! You will be totally lost as this book does not stand alone. You will have to read Operation Red Jericho first to get any kind of clue as to the background and events that happen in this story. I have read book 1, but it's been quite a while and even I was a little lost at times because it had been so long.

However, that aside it is a nice fast read with lots of high-stakes adventure! Also it is peppered with fold-outs, diagrams, pictures, and more that help to enhance the story for the reader. I also like how it has the elastic strap on the side like a mole-skin journal...hello, built in bookmark! Yay! :)

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