Friday, March 02, 2007

2007-2008 Texas Bluebonnet List

Here is the link to the currant nominees for the Texas Bluebonnet Award:

A little bit about the award...taken from their site:

"The Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) reading program was established in 1979 to encourage Texas children to read more books, explore a variety of current books, develop powers of discrimination, and identify their favorite books."

Basically students grades 3rd through 5th throughout the state of Texas (correct me if I'm wrong in that) read the books throughout the school year and then cast their vote for their favorite by January 30th. (Here at our school, to be eligible to vote a student has to have read at least 3 books from the list.) Librarians round up the votes at their school and submit the votes to their district coordinator who compiles the local results and then passes that info on to the state, who compiles everyones vote to pick the winner. It is truly an award given by the more awsome could that be? What a great way for students to take ownership of their reading!

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