Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yoga for Teens by Thia Luby

Luby, Thia. 2000. Yoga for Teens: how to improve your fitness, confidence, appearance, and health -and have fun doing it. Santa Fe, NM: Clear Light Publishers.

An informative non-fiction book that explains the philosophy and benefits of yoga and provides color photographs of teens demonstrating, with step-by-step instructions and pictures, a variety of yoga poses.

Thia Luby has studied and practiced yoga since 1972 and is a nationally recognized yoga instructor. The book begins with basic information about hatha yoga, benefits of yoga, an explanation of the chakras, and how to get started. After that are step-by-step instructions of roughly 40 yoga poses from beginner poses moving to more advanced ones. There are also variations for some poses to make them more advanced and even shows how some can be performed with a partner; it wraps up with sample workouts and poses summarized into various categories (i.e. by ability level, to alleviate certain ailments, or by which chakra is stimulated).

A source on her own, sources on the beginning information would lend even more stability to a well-defined, appealing book. My interest in yoga began this year and this book helped build that interest level and answer some questions. The instructions for poses are easy to follow, although I was surprised that some were made up by the author herself (noted in the back of the book). Whatever their fitness level, teens (and teenagers at heart) will find this book informative and inspiring.

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